If you’ve been sued for an unpaid credit card, you may not know what to do. If you’ve been sued, it’s time to consult with an attorney at our firm. If you do not show up to court, the credit card company can get a judgment against you, and garnish your wages and your bank account. If your wages have been garnished, you need an attorney who will fight to stop your wages from being garnished. If your bank account is frozen, you need a lawyer who will fight the bank garnishment.

At the Consumer Rights Law Group, we fight the credit card companies and debt collectors. We defend consumers who have been sued for unpaid credit cards, and we can often do this for a fraction of the balance the companies allege that is owed.

When a creditor or a debt collector sues you, they have to prove you had the credit card, and they have to prove it in court. Often times, credit card companies bring cases that they just cannot win in court, and our attorneys fight for your rights. Our attorneys have argued – and won – hundreds, if not thousands, of credit card cases in court. Whether you were sued in small claims court or for a huge credit card balance, we offer aggressive representation in defending our clients from credit card lawsuits.

If you’ve been sued for an unpaid credit card, call our Tampa credit card attorneys for a free consultation. Our fees, if any, are minimal, and often times we may be able to actually recover money for you instead.

If your wages are being garnished, we can fight to have the garnishment lifted. There are complex rules to wage garnishment, and if the credit card companies do not follow the rules, we fight to vacate the garnishment.

If a credit card company has a default judgment against you, we can fight to vacate the default judgment.

At The Consumer Rights Law Group, PLLC we advocate for you when you are too frightened to deal with your lawsuit on your own, and defend you when credit card companies take you to court.


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If a credit card company is taking you to court, you do not have to suffer alone. Contact our law firm today and speak with an attorney who will help put unruly creditors in their place.