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Don’t Be a Victim of Collection Harassment

We End Collection Harassment

There are rules that govern what creditors and bill collectors can do when collecting a debt. If a creditor or bill collector breaks any of these rules they have to pay damages to the consumer and pay for the consumer’s attorney. Even if you actually owe the debt, a creditor or bill collector who breaks the rules has to pay damages to the consumer.

The Consumer Rights Law Group has successfully handled thousands of collection harassment cases and collected millions of dollars for our clients. If you think you might be a victim of collection harassment, contact us for a free consultation.

We Stop the Collection Calls

Collection calls aren’t just annoying. They can be scary too. One of the most important rules is that no one can call you to collect a debt if they know you are represented by an attorney. It’s just that simple. As long as you are represented by an attorney, a bank or bill collector can NOT contact you directly to collect the debt. Even if you owe the money, a bill collector who contacts you after learning you are represented by a lawyer is breaking the law and has to pay you damages.

In addition, creditors and bill collectors CANNOT call you on the phone before eight in the morning or after nine at night. They cannot call you at work once you have told them not to, and they cannot call you with such frequency that it annoys you.

Chances are that if you feel annoyed or harassed by a bill collector, they are probably breaking the law. Speak with one of our attorneys to get our opinion for free. We will be able to identify what, if any, laws have been broken and how to handle calls in the future. We will tell you if you have a case, and if you do, we will take the case to court.

But Isn’t an Attorney Expensive?

Some attorneys are, but not the Consumer Rights Law Group. We take collection harassment cases on contingency. That means that there is no money out of pocket from you. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. The law is very clear – a creditor or bill collector who breaks the law has to pay damages to the consumer and pay the consumer’s lawyer. Whether your case takes 10 hours or a hundred hours, we keep track of our time, and send our bill to the bad guys. Since the law requires the defendant to pay the attorney fees, judges routinely order bill collectors to pay our fees.

See for yourself at the Fee Awards section of our website.

More Examples of Collection Harassment

The list is a mile long, but a general rule is that creditors and bill collectors have to treat consumers with honesty and courtesy when collecting a debt. Some examples of the most common rules are below.


Lie to you

  • Claim you owe more than you actually owe
  • Claim they are from a different company
  • Refuse to give you their name

Threaten you, including

  • Threats to send the sheriff to your house
  • Threats to garnish your social security
  • Threats to freeze your bank account
  • Threats to sue you

Pretend to be anyone they are not

  • Pretend to be the police or a private investigator
  • Pretend to be a mediator or other court official
  • Pretend a court case has been or will be filed against you
  • Pretend you don’t have rights

Act rude or discourteous in general

  • Intentionally annoy or harass you
  • Tell other people about your debt
  • Use profanity
  • Call you names
  • Call at inconvenient times

This is just a small example of the things that bill collectors and creditors are not allowed to do when collecting a debt. The full list is in the text of the laws that regulate collection harassment – the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA). The best way to know whether you have a case is to contact us for a free consultation.

You Are Not Alone

If you’ve been dealing with a creditor that is harassing you to collect debt you may feel scared, hopeless, and unsure of what you can do to put an end to the maltreatment. When a creditor calls you at work, makes phone calls to your family members, verbally insults you or threatens to take certain types of legal action against you, it’s time to consult with a debt collection attorney at our firm.

At the Consumer Rights Law Group, we advocate for you when you are too frightened to deal with your creditors on your own. Once engaged, we will intervene on your behalf and inform your creditors of your rights under the FDCPA. If your creditors continue to unlawfully harass you, we will take legal measures to put an end to their abuse and report their illegal behaviors.

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If you’ve been a victim of illegal debt collection practices, you do not have to suffer alone. Contact our law firm today and speak with an attorney who will help put unruly creditors in their place.

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