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Can’t Afford Your Monthly Debt?

Can’t afford to pay your monthly debts? We can stop the collection calls for you. 

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Prevent Bankruptcy

Credit card debt is at an all time high and delinquencies are on the rise, our attorneys are here to help you stay afloat. If your wages are being garnished or you cannot pay your credit card bills, call the Consumer Rights Law Group for a free consultation today.

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Household Debt Increases in 2020

Call the Consumer Rights Law Group to fight the collection calls and prevent bankruptcy.

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Debt Collectors Remain Persistent as COVID-19 Fears Impact Economy

Whether you are contacted by a debt collector or you are facing credit card harassment, the Consumer Rights Law Group can help fight your lawsuit.

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 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act and Federal Student Loan Relief

For students who need relief from debt, there are several resources to assist in making the most efficient financial decisions.

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 Protect Yourself and Your Family From Debt Relief Scams

Consumers faced with harassing phone calls or who are smothered by their monthly bills become vulnerable to debt relief scams. The Consumer Rights Law Group can provide much needed help and support.

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 The Perils of Pay Day Loans

Is someone trying to collect more than you owe? If you have taken a pay day loan, consider the risks incurred by a delay in repayment.

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 Is the Solution Debt Relief or Bankruptcy?

Many people struggling with debt think about bankruptcy before considering the much preferred roads of fighting off debt collectors, consolidating bills and keeping property.

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 Keep Up With The FTC’s Alerts to Avoid Coronavirus Scams

If you encounter false promotions or gimmick claims related to COVID-19,  remain vigilant to avoid being a victim of Coronavirus scams.

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