"Mr. James Salvatore Giardina, a very honest and professional attorney, I never think I will be able to trust any attorney after a couple bad experiences in the past, I was about to lose my car after it was paid off. My car finance company CPS (Consumer Portfolio Servicing) tried to charge me a sum of close to $6,000.00 dollars that they claimed I did owe them and the court signed a judgement against me. Today I got peace of mind thanks to Jim Giardina who solved my nightmare in less than a week. He is THE BEST!" -Joel

"I've been a client of Jim's for a very short time and to be honest there isn't a better word that describes him best than just plain out EXCELLENT!! Me being so worried about my wages being garnished had me sick (literally), but retaining Jim as my attorney was the best decision I could have made. He was prompt and the case wasn't dragged out at all. In fact I received my NOTICE of DISMISSAL today and I was overly excited to know that burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Jim as well as his staff were very welcoming and kept me informed." -Twonda

“I definitely recommend this lawyer. James is extremely sharp, knowledgeable and professional. He kindly gave me a lot of helpful information regarding the lawsuit for credit card debt collection filed against my husband. Thanks to his advice, everything went in the way I wished for. I thank him very much for his help. He definitely knows what he is doing. Very smart and good lawyer in every way!!!” – Nancy

"I cannot say enough about Jim and how much he has helped me. I went through a divorce about six years go and had some credit issues that were unresolved. I first hired Jim in the fall of 2013 when I was served papers from a creditor who wanted to place a judgment against me. Within a two week period of hiring Jim, the creditor had dropped the case entirely. I also found out that another creditor had already obtained a default judgment several years back due to my ex wife not informing me of the sub-service through her. Jim took this head on and with only one court hearing had the judgment vacated. He is now helping we with some harassment issues with some over zealous third party debt collectors. Jim has been professional and very trustworthy since my first meeting with him. His knowledge and level of expertise is second to none." -Justin N.

"I found James while searching online for an attorney. We set up an appointment and discussed my situation. His conduct was very professional and I felt that my case was in good hands. He kept me informed with the whole process and my case was closed in a very short amount of time. I am very pleased with his service and would recommend him to anyone that needs legal advice." -Miguel

"I was directed to James by the Hillsborough Bar Association. Even though he was not in the area of practice needed by me he took the time to review my information and was very helpful. He actually found three attorneys who could possibly pursue my case. I know if I am ever in need of an attorney in Tampa he would be my go to guy. Thanks again Jim." -Ira

" As you can see I've rated Mr. Giardina EXCELLENT in every catagory and responded YES to (would you recommend this lawyer?). I would like to amend my answers to PHENOMENAL and ABOSOLUTELY WITHOUT HESITATION. I came to Mr. Giardina with a problem that I had with a specific debt collector. They had purchased a debt that was created against me that was erroneous. I can't begin to tell you the number of obnoxious and threatening calls that I was receiving from this collector. After speaking with Mr. Giardina we established a game plan to correct this situation and finally put this to rest. Not only did he get everything corrected, he had it removed from my credit report and as a bonus I received a substantial cash settlement for my unjust harassment. The world needs more dedicated people like Mr. Giardina and his staff. Thank you for a job so very well done" -Fred V.

"This man is AWESOME! He knows his business and has helped me over the last two years with harassment. He knows how to win your case for you. He has a wonderful office staff and they are most helpful. It is so scary to get these letters and phone calls from people trying to collect for a debt which you can't pay. I recommend him over and over to people with the same problem. I can't say enough on how great Mr. Giardina is!" -Patti

"I called James Giardina after other lawyers could not help me regarding a lawsuit for collections that I was fighting, a judgement being placed on my son. James Giardina is very professional, informative and extremely knowledgeable in debt collections. I met with him one time, and during this visit he made one phone call while I was in his office and over $10,000 worth of debt was completely wiped out, settled and dismissed with prejudice. This cost me very little and only one hour of my time. He is one attorney who is extremely knowledgeable and quite impressive in his field of expertise in dealing with debt collectors. I highly recommend him, he was very informative, personable, honest, trusting, gets the job done and enjoys taking the time to answer all questions. I'm very proud to have had him represent my son in this matter, I would not have been able to solve this so quickly and efficiently without his help." -Anonymous

"I can"t thank Mr Giardina enough for the help he gave me. When I went to him for help with a debt collection problem I was truly at a loss at what to do! He honestly helped me more than I thought was possible. I highly recommend anyone with this common problem to seek his advice on these matters. There is more help than most people realize." -Wanda

"My fiance was in a tough spot. We had banks calling us every day after he lost his job. Thanks to Mr. Giardina, everything worked out for both parties and the calls stopped." -Mandy

"Mr. Giardina has worked on a couple different cases for me over the last few years. His ability to navigate the law and keep me informed throughout the process was priceless. If you are looking for an Attorney that is truly on your side, James S. Giardina & The Consumer Rights Law Group is for you." -Joseph

"Highly recommend the services of Mr. James S. Giardina. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Handled my case with persistence and professionalism and brought it to a speedy conclusion." -Simon

"Mr. Giardina has handled my case with the utmost of care and concern. Whether via phone call or e-mail he has always been accommodating, reassuring, knowledgeable, personable and strong. His response time to my correspondence is immediate. His office keeps me informed of the status of my case; and this puts my mind at ease, I know he is handling my affairs and I trust him completely. I have never felt that my case was “just a number” and I am appreciative of his professional relationship with his clients. I always feel that when I call I am not being a “nuisance”, he along with his staff do not rush to get off of the phone and he gives 100% of his attention. I would recommend his services to anyone! I will never again worry about who I will call to help us when we need legal representation. I also love the fact that when you call, you speak with Mr. Giardina directly and he is local to the area." -Amanda

"James was there for me from day one until he helped me win my case. He is very knowledgeable and very professional. He kept me informed at all times and never seemed unsure of himself. Everything that took place during the course of my trial James informed me of before it happened and knew what to expect. I will forever be grateful for what he has done and would recommend him without thinking" -Victor D.


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