Formerly located in Tampa, Florida, the Consumer Rights Law Group is now a virtual law firm operating from Orange County, Florida serving consumers across Florida


“Awesome!! Kim was helpful and communicated and explained in detail all my options and was able to get me exactly what I wanted settled!!! Samantha always answered my questions and assisted me with getting documents to Kim promptly!!! “


“I am so pleased with the help that Kim provided me. She gave me great advice and even took the time to review my letter before sending to the recipient. Thank you so much Kim.”


“Jim and his staff are absolutely the best at what they do. I spoke with 3 attorneys before I met with Jim and he offered me a same day appointment. I met with him and his staff, we discussed my stressful situation, and within 72 hours he had my case dismissed and had me breathing normal again. Also within that 72 hours Jim had updated me at least 4 times and took all 5 of my calls and addressed all my concerns. Anyone who is in need of assistance PLEASE CALL Jim at the Consumer Rights Law Group!!!”

-Anthony S.

“I would like to say Jim is fantastic – he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Not only did he do what he said he was going to do, he had everything finished in less than 13 days. I would definitely use him again. I highly recommend!!!”

-Armando F.

“I needed help to resolve an issue that had been hanging over my head for over ten years and Jim was able to easily and painlessly dissolve the issue for me. Such a weight is now off my chest and it feels wonderful. I am so thankful that I found this wonderful, thoughtful and caring man to stand beside me to resolve my issue.”

-Leah R.

“It was a fantastic experience. I called to request a legal consultation. I had a video/ camera legal consultation with one of the attorneys. They meet my expectations and start working right away on my legal case. I fully recommend Consumer Rights Law Group to my friends and family.”

-Juan K.

“I highly recommend this law group. The initial person picking up the phone was professional, very well trained and informative. She was able to help me with my problem in a speedy and conclusive manner. “

-Hashim F.

“Amazing service from everyone I talked with! Jim took care of things quickly and efficiently.”

-Deb P.

“While, the fee I thought was a little pricey, Jim took care of the looming problem saving me a few hundred, to potentially a couple of thousand dollars. He was polite, helpful, professional and didn’t have the elitist lawyer mentality I have seen from others. “

-Bonnie W.

“Great Attorneys here if you ever need help I highly recommend them.”

-Candy R.

“Jim was awesome! He took the time to explain everything and took the stress off of me. Would definitely recommend his services and would use him again. Thanks again!”

-Ginger H.

“I cannot express how amazing Jim Guardina has been for myself and my family. Not only did he protect us he also went above and beyond to help us when he felt the other attorney had done us wrong! Jim personally cares for his clients and is like no attorney I’ve ever heard of!! If you need help please talk to him you will not regret it!!!”

-Krystal P.

“Jimmy is the BEST! Took him no time at all and got excellent results, I highly recommend him to EVERYONE!”

-Shoshanna S.

“Jim was fantastic. He is “in it to win it” and boy was he right! Awesome!”

-Will S.

“A friend referred me to them, and I will share that information to all my Family and friends.”

-Garetanne E.

“Jim did a great job handling my case. The staff are also great.”

-Gee A.

“Works very quick and efficient! Also great at keeping contact updating you about the case”

-Alisa B.

“Amazing and professional! Highly recommended.”

-Pamala D.

“Awesome attorney gets the job done quickly and painlessly.”

-Jordan M.

“Very Knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Kaitlann H.

“He’s quite knowledgeable in his area of practice. Hard working, aggressive in his representation of his clients. Willing to extend help to colleagues. Great guy.”

-Principal in Consumer Protection

“Excellent follow-through on clients whom I refer to him.”

-Sole Practitioner in Consumer Protections

“Very diligent and intelligent, I am familiar with his work ethic. I have observed how hard he works and is always prepared for his cases.”

-Sole Practitioner in Consumer Rights

“Jim and his staff were a pleasure to work with. Jim is highly competent in his field of consumer law. I must also mention Jim’s assistant, Desiree, who is knowledgeable, always available and extremely organized. Jim’ substantial experience in his field gave me a great deal of confidence for a positive resolution. Beyond his legal expertise it was clear that first and foremost, his motivation is to help his clients.”

-Debtor and Creditor

“Jim and his wife will take the time to answer any questions in detail in a manner that is easily understood.”

-Consumer Law Client

“Jim was very kind, thorough and quick in taking care of my case. I highly recommend him.”

-Deb A.

“Jim is human, and builds great rapport with his clients from the start! He makes the client feel at ease by providing a transparent plan of action; he fights for your rights! Jim looked up my case via the phone; he explained what the best course of action would be to find the best suitable option for individuals. I talked with four different attorneys here in FL, and none of them were able to help me resolve my case. That was, until I got a call from Jim. We went over the case based on the information available online – and, within a week – we had reached a settlement. Truly and honestly the most amazing attorney ever. Look no further – I guarantee you will be just as satisfied, it not more. I say he’s human because he offers a plan to resolve a case. His price(s) is very affordable, but your individual case might vary. What are you waiting for?! Call Jim today!!”

-Daysie A.

“Did not have to claim bankruptcy. Most debt was dismissed completely and a couple for only court cost. We were treated with kindness and respect. Very highly recommended!”


“I hired Jim to help me with a lawsuit from a very aggressive credit card company. I am very happy with the final resolution of this matter. Jim’s experience and competency in his field of consumer law is very evident and this gave me a lot of confidence in a positive resolution. In addition, his assistant – Desiree – is knowledgeable, always available and very organized. Beyond his legal expertise, it was clear that Jim’ motivation is to help his clients.”


“If you are looking for a wonderful group of people to assist you with harrassing debt collectors, this is them! They have helped me through the roughest times, and are understanding, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, and get the job done! Thank you to all if you!”


“I would highly recommend Jim. He was very nice and answered all my questions and concerns I had. He was able to get my case dismissed within 2 days.”


“Jim did a great job painless as quick highly recommend him”


“Lawyer and staff were very compassionate and very helpful. Everything was explained to me and took the time to answer every question I had. Best experience every with a lawyer!”


“Jim worked on my garnishment case.He was very helpful and knowledgeable about this case.He was on top of everything from beginning to end.I am very satisfied with the service”


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